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U.S. Patent Number 9,573,641
Namo Seat is designed for
average size adult riders
who use standard seat
post mounting configuration
widely  used today on the
Namo seat is designed for
standard/universal (most common)
seat post mounting configurations
and 7mm diameter rails.
We all know what rigid seating can do to the most sensitive part of our bodies.
The main reason we
experience pain is
because the seat size
is too small and chafing
occurs when our body
moves across its
surface on top of the
Wider seat means more
surface area for seating.
Ischial bones (bones that
make contact with the seat)
can have more space for
sufficient placement. More
space assures proper and
comfortable seating.
Namo seat is wider and as it
rotates it creates a smaller
effective profile.
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